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    Muriel Munga Muriel Munga Portrait and social photographer


    Photographer born in Brussels in 1968.
    Has B.A in « Business Administration (Hons)/Integrated Management System (Cum Laude Honors)»
    Mother of a little boy born in 2013.
    Lived in Kinshasa (DRC) from October 2005 until August 2016 where she hosted five exhibitions:

    2008: Palanca Gallery, Kinshasa

    2010: Congo Loisirs, Kinshasa

    2011: Le Petit Chapiteau du GB, Kinshasa

    2012: Congo Loisirs, Kinshasa

    2012: Galerie d’Art Contemporain, Lubumbashi

    2016: Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Center, Kinshasa

    Moved to Brussels in September 2016.
    2019 – Flea market in Woluwe St Lambert where she sold pictures depicting scenes of everyday life
    She is also a writer – writing.murielmunga.com
    Muriel Munga


    Muriel Munga

    Face B

    Congo Loisirs — June 2012

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    Muriel Munga

    Histoire de Femmes

    Le Petit Chapiteau du GB — May 2011

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    Muriel Munga

    Un Style Nommé Ô Naturel

    Congo Loisirs — December 2010

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    Muriel Munga

    Visages de la RDC

    Galerie Palanca — May 2008

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